Woven vs. Non-Woven Bags: A Guide to Understand the Difference Between Two

The entire world is fighting to minimize the consumption of plastic. Even the slightest contribution of every human being on the planet can do wonders. In our day-to-day lives, we make use of plastics bags for several purposes. How about we make a change and start to look for alternatives that are more convenient and environmentally friendly? Owing to this demand, there are different kinds of recycling bags available in the market. The handiest ones at present are Non-Woven Bags. Whenever you are about to run errands or going shopping, non-woven bags can be extremely useful.

However, people often get confused between woven and non-woven bags. While both these bags are extremely convenient, it is also important to understand that these are completely different from each other. Each has unique characteristics and advantages. If you also want to know the difference between these two before purchasing a new bag then this blog defines it all. Let’s learn more about woven and non-woven bags.

Difference Between Woven and Non-Woven Bags

Woven bags are generally made using fabric that is woven together. It provides the fabric strength. Normally, individual threads are combined to form one piece of material. This method is practiced repeatedly to compose a strong piece of cloth. With the help of this cloth, the woven bags are made.

On the other hand, Non-woven bags, are manufactured. These are also made up of fabrics. The non-woven bags are made by entangling the fabrics together instead of weaving them. It is done mechanically, chemically, or thermally based on the product that is being utilized. These both are made up of recycled materials and the only distinction that comes in the way is how they are built.

What Are Different Kinds of Non-Woven Bags? 

D Cut Non-Woven Bags: These can be used as a great alternative for plastic bags. The handles of these bags are very durable and don’t get ripped easily which makes them the best replacement for plastic bags.

W Cut or U Cut Non-Woven Bags: W Cut bags are generally used as grocery bags. These have a very similar cut type to that of plastic bags you get while buying groceries.

Loop Handle Non-Woven Bags: The loop handle bags are ideal to use when there is a need for a stable and extremely sturdy bag. The loop handbags can serve various purposes.

Advantages of Using Non-Woven Bags

  • Non-Woven bags are 100% Environment-Friendly and Biodegradable.
  • You can reuse and recycle non-woven bags to keep nature green and clean.
  • Non-Woven bags can be used as a great advertising tool and can be used by companies as corporate gifts.
  • Non-Woven bags are highly durable and can last for a very long time.

Boiling It Down…

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