World Environment Day -Save water, and it will save you


Kounal M Yele LARCO India Pvt Ltd had a chat on various verticals they are working on and how we all should take individual efforts towards environmental conservation on The occasion of World Environment Day. 

In upcoming days wastewater recycling & solid waste management will have a main concern looking at the availability of dumping grounds for waste disposal & 17 percent of the world population with access only to 4percent of freshwater…may rise war condition if no action is taken in time.


Mr.Manikraao M Yele has a wonderful thought & teaching he shared with us in the conference he said “ We as an organization our family is growing and evolving in the whole journey to achieve great success one rule is most important that by creating more employment &happiness we are going to get more blessing from our mate’s, on this journey if we are successful in creating happiness in our surrounding will grow and evolve It Will result in our growth and success which ultimately means happiness in serving mankind and mother nature.


1.  How can you brief us on LARCO working Journey?

We at an early age established our mother company M/s Crown Chemicals In 1998 which manufactured automobile antifreeze but as time passed our focus shifted to the production of chemicals supporting water waste treatment, as we went deep into Research and Development. we started a new division specially focused on water & wastewater management.  As we were evolving and growing as an organization, we also started R & D in Solid waste management and composting.

       2. What are the long-term goals and future plans of LARCO?

 we as an organization also have future plans of growth, listing our company for public fundraising, We are planning to develop our country’s own Water Filtration Membrane, which India has been Importing from China, Germany, and other countries. In India importing is 3 times more expensive and we are dependent on the available size & specifications of these companies, so within this year, we will plan to develop our country’s most awaiting Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis Membrane facility. Which in turn will result in large-scale water recycling facilities at a much low cost.

Social Advice-

As Schools play a major role in shaping the future of a child… Like this Government also plays a major role in keeping a hold on wastewater & solid waste management, but due to negligence .of Pollution Control Government Bodies should at least perform actions when it is in the concern of Pollution Control, a little bit maturity is required when you have power with authority on the tip of your fingers, to be implemented strictly Use Environmental Engineering companies like us, we are ready to get associated have discussion whenever you ask us to do the needful, we are ready to solve problems that’s what we are for.