Which school in Pune is good for the overall development of children?

In today’s day and age, schools should not just focus on making learners academically proficient. A shift in this approach is essential for shaping students to become competent in the 21st century. It ensures the overall development of the learners, which has become an increasingly valuable commodity in our rapidly advancing world.

Now the question is, how do you find such a school. Learning platforms can write that they provide holistic learning to their students, but how they go about achieving it, that is the question.

This post aims to introduce you to the ideas that go into steering the overall development of students and find an excellent school.

Let’s begin.

Schools that use a flexible pedagogy

Schools that are flexible using multiple learning and teaching methodologies can ensure the overall development of the learners. It means that education should not be limited to preparing the learners for assignments and standard tests.

Every learner responds differently to various learning styles, and schools should work on addressing these. If a student grasps a concept better by practical learning, then it should serve as a core component of the teaching methodology.

Moreover, teachers should help the students incorporate an international connectedness approach and adopt a positive outlook on education. They can steer this by using transdisciplinary learning, practical learning, group discussions, or more. Ultimately, it is about practising flexibility with the pedagogy.

Use the CBSE curriculum

CBSE is a world-renowned curriculum that was established to develop a standardised framework for learning. It is a student-focused framework that provides rigorous academic training and prepares the learners for higher education. Basically, we cannot sideline the importance of educational training that ensures the development of learners. Schools that focus on academic training but with a flexible pedagogy are more likely to ensure students’ overall development.

For example, GIIS school in Pune infuses the principle of CBSE curriculum with cross-curricular learning to render holistic education. Such a framework helps take account of each student’s pace of learning and successfully steer their overall development.

Incorporate a transparent structure

When you are looking for the best school in Pune, it is vital to check transparency in the school policies. If the school states that they are best in the industry for leading the learners’ overall development, you should be able to see how it is being done. Or, transparency about how the teachers are employed and what kind of admission policy the school uses.

When the parents and school administrators are not on the same page, such factors influence the progress of the learners. The last thing you need for your child is a school in contact flux and opaque in nature. Hence, before selecting a school, inquire about the school administration, teachers, school fee structure, etc.

Best schools for the overall development of the learners

Let’s look at a few schools in Pune that are ideal for the overall development of the learners:

  1. Global Indian International School – Pune: GIIS Pune uses the 9 Gems Holistic Framework that has secured multiple awards of leading the overall development of students. The school teaches the students to become independent thinkers and nurture their inquisitive minds for lifelong learning. Furthermore, it has two campuses in Pune located in Hadapsar and Balewadi.
  2. Kalyani School Pune: Kalyani School was established just six years ago for fostering holistic education. The school’s logo represents leadership as part of generating future leaders by providing quality education.
  3. Mahindra International School Pune: Formerly called Mercedes-Benz International School, MISP is known for celebrating diversity and promoting excellence in education. However, the school does not use the CBSE curriculum for delivering learning.


This post covered the essentials you should know that account for the overall development of the learners. Moreover, it outlined the top schools in Pune that ensure holistic development. It will help if you employ the outlined tips and find the best school in Pune.