What is Web Designing? Career Scope, Salary and Jobs

Website Designing has always been an important part of the IT world, developing radically with time. To put it in simple words, Web Designing is the foundation of the website interface and functionality. With more and more digitisation of businesses, the demand for web designing courses has been rising substantially.

For a business to grow and develop the website has to be made user friendly and attractive which is exactly what it aims to achieve. Read through the article to know more about the scope and salary prospects. Everything you need to know about this career choice is listed below.

Job Role Of A Website Designer

This includes building the website from scratch emphasising the usability and look as a whole. A website is made of several WebPages which are designed with the help of programming languages like JavaScript, Python etc. Several aspects add up to the whole process like the graphic design, content creation, and layout of the webpage.

We often confuse the terms web designers and web developers which are quite different from each other. The web designers create the design and layout of the web pages, whereas the latter writes the code to put all the parts together. However, there are certain web development courses which cooperate both the aspects for a better career.

Career Opportunities And Career Graph

It is one of the topmost skills in demand right now having opportunities not only in the corporate world but also in freelancing. With the right amount of experience and an around round skill base, you can easily see a sharp incline in your career graph.

  1. Motion Designer: The broadcast industry hires web developers for animation and graphics.
  2. Web Developers: This job role demands more of your programming knowledge like Java, HTML5 rather than creativity.
  3. User Experience Designer: As the name suggests, this job role is dedicated to optimising the user experience through your study. They make changes to the website from time to time for the best possible outcome.
  4. User Interface Designer: Colour topography and theory are the basic key skills here. The sense of style and decor is decided and finalised according to the demands laid down by the client.

Perks And Advantages

  1. Abundant Demand

 It is a set of skills that require basic skills such as HTML5, CSS etc., which are in high demand starting from multinational companies to start-ups.

  1. Creative Flexibility

 It is a skill that needs a balance of both technical and creative skills. You can exercise a good amount of creative thoughts and individuality in your work.

  1. Efficiency

 You will be up to date with the skills required, giving you an edge over others.

  1. Salary Expectations

 The average salary of a fresher in this field is almost three lakhs per annum. This figure varies from industry to industry and quickly accelerates through up-skilling. To stand a better chance in front of recruiters, one must take up a web development course which provides the chance of working on real projects. As mentioned earlier, you can also have multiple sources of income through this meaning there is no fixed pay-check restricting your overall income.

How To Get Started With Web Development?

Now that you have gone through all the primary information regarding this career choice, let us dig deep into how to become a successful professional in the industry. There are some basic programming languages you need to know for a strong foundation like CSS along with design skills and soft skills.

This career demands a great understanding of the client’s demands and spot-on implementation. If you already have these under your grasp, you should go ahead with IT Bootcamps. It is a comprehensive way of learning with targeted study methods.

These help you cover the gaps in your knowledge with a mix of practical and theory classes in a short span of time. These days, you can easily get hold of various online programmes with the certification also providing a community for knowledge and resource sharing.


It is advisable to do both the web design and development course together making you capable of working both in the front and back end of a website. We briefly summed up this expansive career path for you. It’s time to do away with your inhibitions and start learning for a bright future ahead. Good luck!

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