Virtual Team Bonding Activities Your Remote Employees Will Love to Participate

Can You Imagine It Is More Than One Year Since We All Started Working from Home?

We can’t either.

During this period, things may have changed for your organizations- some employees may have been shifted to a new team, some employees may have left the organization while others might be recovering from the disease.

In short, the work environment has become a way gloomier than ever, making it the right time to start incorporating team-building into the corporate culture. As you are new to this concept choosing the right type of virtual team bonding activities for your team can be challenging. Fortunately, we have got you covered with this blog post.

Most engaging Virtual Team Building activities for large groups

Creating chemistry during team building activities is certainly a challenge but you can overcome it by hiring the right agency who is doing this type of work for a while, someone like Action Teams. Here are the top Virtual Team Building activities you can use to bring your team closer while fueling the overall productivity. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee.

Solve the murder mystery

Does your team love to solve mysteries? If Yes, then it is time to indulge them in some really interesting murder mysteries where they need to come together to find clues to find the culprit. You can also divide them into two groups to see who will solve their murder mystery.

Escape room

It is one of the most famous virtual team bonding activities that you can incorporate in fun times to encourage teamwork. Players will need to come together to solve puzzles and tasks to come up with clues to achieve one common goal- escaping.

Sounds like one of the most fun Virtual Team Building in Singapore? Well, you should definitely try it and the next thing you know- your team will be moving together, overcoming all the hurdles in their path.

Guess the facts

Have you recently recruited new employees into the organization? Or introducing them to the rest of the team is the key objective of hosting virtual team bonding activities? If Yes, then “Guess the facts” is the ideal game for team bonding.

In this game, the manager will write the facts of all the employees on a document and then all the team members guess which fact belongs to whom.

The result will be hilarious and effective to break the ice among the teammates.

Building the storyline

Everyone loves a story, right? So, why not create one a part of the team bonding activity?

Here is how you can do it.

Create a circle through the help of the team and start with a line like “Once upon a time there was a girl who was gifted with sight to sketch the future…” After this people can use their creativity to create the story around this.

Doing this will not allow teammates to use their creativity but also them to listen to each idea and enhance overall team corporation.

The best part about this activity?

They will create an amazing story while improving the communication in the remote team.

In this era of the pandemic, your remote team may not get the opportunity to meet face-to-face but that doesn’t mean you cannot cheer them up and encourage them to stay positive.

Virtual team bonding in Singapore can increase employee motivation, collaboration, and efficiency. On the top, it makes the whole team feel connected and valued which in return further motivates them to perform better and better.

Looking for the right agency for virtual team bonding? If Yes, then look no further than Action Teams- one of the leading agencies in organizing and executing virtual team bonding activities and games. Feel free to consult with professionals to learn which activities suit your team the best.