Types of Pre-Employment Background Screening

Known by many names, the background verification is termed by Background Screening, Criminal Background Check or Background Checks, one and only the fundamental way to locate the deserving candidate for the job. Of course, it is a tough task to hire a right candidate for the post and, create utmost pressure to the management to locate the skillful and sincere employee every-time for the company. There might be some sensitive information, or hidden facts that is not important to judge, but if this bothers the organizational norms, you should hire the best employment background check expert to protect your business. Know the types of employment screening services that are available to conduct background evaluation of candidates before hiring them for the organization.

Criminal History Check: As we expect very less criminal activities from educated professionals, there are still many minds that are dark and has got past criminal records to hide. As per the negligent hiring lawsuit, you need to investigate criminal records and other past sources to evaluate the character of the candidate. Hence, searches can be done, starting from state, country, national and even beyond borders, if the candidate is an expatriate. There are some sections of the criminal record examination to get the best outcome and they are:

  • Statewide Criminal Records Search
  • County Criminal Record Searches
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • National Criminal Records Search (NCRD)
  • FBI Fingerprint Database Search
  • Domestic and global terrorist watch lists
  • Sex offender registries

Prior Employment Verification: This is also important to note about the previous employment credibility as the candidate can frame any false information, like salary structure, years of experience and so on. It is important for confirming a candidate’s prior work experience to check the experience and skills that he or she has shown during the job tenure. This helps the present employer to decide upon the candidate’s vision towards the integrity, stability loyalty. There are other important information to evaluate like,

  • Joining date till resign date
  • Job Post held
  • Salary structure
  • Job responsibilities or description
  • Reason for leaving the company or for termination

Education Verification: Do you know the difference between ‘Attended’ and ‘Graduated’? With the term attended, a candidate has only secure the sit of a particular university but has not completed the degree, and so, he is not considered to be graduated. Thus, via an education verification check, you can get all the details about the past records related to degree or school. An education verification evaluation can validate many authentic information for employers, such as

  • School records
  • Valid college certificates
  • Training certificates
  • Degree certificates
  • Year of passing

Drug Screening: Be it any industry, drug is illegal and create quite a havoc within the workforce. Thus, any drug user or substance abuse follower can be dangerous for the organization. Simply go for the drug or alcohol test and choose your candidate wisely. These type of tests not only prevent toxic environment but also keep the entire workforce with a healthy state of mind and unimpaired performance.

Whether you are a human resource manager or an employer, if you are trying to hire a right candidate, don’t hesitate to contact background verification expert  as it helps to find out the right candidate for the job easily and quickly. These agencies of back ground screening provide customized tailored employment-screening packages that not only offer legal compliance, consistency of process, long-term savings but also all the important data necessary to design the accurate hiring decisions.

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