Top Facts about Packaging Costs of Custom Rigid Boxes

Packaging costs are significant considerations, especially when you are about to place an order for custom rigid boxes. Custom rigid boxes, also known as “set-up boxes,” are often a first and foremost desired choice for first time packaging buyers. This is because rigid boxes are perfect for leaving an impression on the consumers’ minds that the item is of higher quality than a product that uses folding carton packaging.

This is not necessarily true! The folding cartons can also be personalized and customized with so many finishing options and add-ons that make them appear fancy, elegant, and exquisite. Both of the materials are ideal for creating packaging boxes, and each of the materials has its pros and cons. Therefore, always choose the material according to your product and brand’s requirements.

Many high-end brands that offer luxury products believe that they must present and pack their products in the best quality boxes. However, make sure that before finalizing the order, you must consider the following factors.

The Cost

Luxury always costs higher. Custom rigid boxes wholesale are expensive. They cost higher than cardboard and corrugated boxes, to be sure. The fancier you go, the higher the packaging costs will be. However, the cost per unit can be decreased if you place a more significant order. Make sure to study the packaging industry thoroughly before placing an order. Also, make sure that your packaging solution provider is not charging you high from the market rate. In case it offers a lower cost per unit, then asks for the material and printing quality as it might compromise there. Well known Apple Inc. pays a relatively low price per unit for their nice iPhone rigid boxes since they order millions of them.

As far as the shipping boxes are concerned, many companies like do not charge for shipping. Rigid boxes have higher shipping costs than folding cartons since these cannot be shipped flat like the folding cartons.  Custom rigid boxes wholesale are bulkier and require more space. It is that simple.

A Few Reasons for Ordering Custom Rigid Box Packaging for Your Product

  1. Your product price is higher, with a considerable profit margin. For example, a jewelry piece like a diamond engagement ring would require an elegant, exquisite, and luxurious (and expensive) custom rigid box packaging.
  2. Making a profit on a small trial launch is not your current objective. You have planned to order large quantities of rigid box packaging in the future if the launch is a success.
  3. If you are exhibiting at an auction or a trade show and presenting or showing your product to some influential buyers and executives, it is wise to use a fancy rigid box to leave a fancy impression and capture their attention.
  4. Your competitors are using rigid boxes for a particular type of item or product, so you are under pressure to conform.

The Bottom Line:

Rigid boxes are attractive and gorgeous packaging solutions. These can offer the allure of exquisiteness and exclusivity but can be cost higher as a consequence. As stated above, folding cartons can be fancied up to offer a similar sense of luxury at a fraction of the cost. Plus, there is always a chance to discuss the cost matter with your packaging company. You can negotiate the price and decide the costs on mutual grounds.