Top 7 Must-Visit Attractions in Lihue

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Have you visited the Seven Wonders of the World? Most of us love to see, but they are located at different corners, and it is quite costly to go, right? But you can watch out top 7 attractions of Lihue with some bugs. So these vacations spend your days and nights in the arms of Lihue and enjoy every moment.

Let’s Go Lihue

Explore Lihue and begin your travel journey from Waialua Falls, then visit the Fern Grotto, the picturesque fern-fringed cave, the best attraction point in the heart of the Lihue.

Next, you can go to Grove Farm Homstead Museum; the place is a treat to watch. Next, you can see the mesmerizing natural beauty in Menehune.

Once you are done with the above places, next go to Nawiliwili Harbor- It is a must-visit place with many cruise ships, and it got its name from Wiliwile trees.

What’s next? You might be thinking, stop at Kauai Museum and learn more about the Hawaii culture and study the lava rock structure.

Want to capture a picture of a glimpse of life on the Islands? Go to Kilohana Plantation. After visiting all the places, United Airlines will drop you at your destination.

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Bottom Line

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