Six Tips to Organize Your Kid’s Backpack

If your kids having problems to organize their backpacks, then being a responsible parent, it is your duty to guide how to arrange his/her backpack for school, private coaching classes, and travel purposes. Over time, your kids backpack can become untidy, and filled with a mess of junks, which can be a challenge for your kids to find out important stuff. And with your little guidance, your kids can learn to organize it properly, keep stuff in the right place and less difficulties in finding them.

If you also have been concerned about the extra loads that might effect your kid’s continue-growing body, you must guide him/ her to arrange things properly. So, the following are the six tips to organize your kids backpack-

  1. Select a Backpack: The first step for managing your kid’s backpack starts with finding the right option, i.e., the right size, shape, and multiple compartments. It is suitable to choose mini size backpacks for preschoolers, which will allow them to manage it easily and carry with comfort. The option for a backpack on wheels is also recommended, but make sure his/ her school allows it. It is wise to select a sturdy backpack that has multiple compartments and zipper pockets.
  2. Begin With an Empty Backpack:The next step is to fully-empty the backpack and then begin organizing things from scratch. Ask your kids to distinguish stuff into two lots from the backpack – one for school, and other for miscellaneous items. And before start with packing, your kids need to arrange all his/her belonging, like pens, pencils, books, copies, and others. It is highly suggested to always try to keep your kids backpack as much less weight you can.
  3. Map it Out:Once putting everything in proper order, help your kid to sketch his/her backpack and label it with what goes where. A map of it will remind your kid where things go after completing the homework, or when packing up for the following days. You should make two copies of the map, one to be kept in the front pocket of the backpack, and another at home.
  4. Use Tag Check-List:Your kids should maintain a ‘tag’ to keep track of things. If your kid’s backpack doesn’t have a checklist option, he/ she can create it of their own. It is a very good practice as it will guide your kids to become responsible in life.
  5. Ask Extra Stuff to Keep At Home:One of the main reasons for the backpack mess is carrying extra notebooks, as carrying loads for long can lead to severe shoulder, neck, and back pains. You should ask your kids to keep the extra set of textbooks back at home and carry only stuff that is needed for a single day but not for a whole month.
  6. Schedule Timetable for Backpack Check-in:It is crucial to stay organized always as it helps to be responsible in life. To keep your kid’s backpack organized, schedule a timetable for backpack check-ins. It is a good habit that will be developed within him/her from the school days.

You must also remember that your kids can take a lot of practice to always keep their backpacks arranged and in order. Also, discuss with your child about the distinct ways to stay organized and keep things arranged. And give him/her lots of alternatives to practice the habit or backpack check-ins.