Should Corporate Gifts Go Digital

In the coming trends of the year 2020, many things are going digital. Especially due to the Corona Pandemic, many businesses have converted from physical storefront to online social platforms. From paper books to digital PDF, Card games to Digital Card apps and Cash to E-wallets. Everything around us are shifting into a digital platform. It brings convenience and portability for everyone; everything being stored in our little device.

It is also common for individuals to send digital gifts such as E-red packets or subscription gift cards to other individuals. So, should Corporate Gifting also switch to digital?

Here we will share a few advantages and disadvantages on Digital Corporate Gift Giving.


  1. Environmental Friendlier
    • Without the physical gift, you are helping the Earth by reducing any carbon damage that comes with the making of products. By opting for digital, you minimise the use of raw materials to produce new items. This way, you help to lessen the demand that is in correlation to the production of item, that brings pollution to our environment.
  1. Time Saver, Quick & Efficient
    • With digital gifts, comes with it less time wastage and no labour. No more needs to plan and prepare the gifts months ahead of time. Less the time to select the right physical product and time for production. Plus, reducing the chances of receiving lower quality goods. E-Gifts are fast and almost instantaneous. One of the biggest and greatest reason to choose Digital.
  1. Simple unisex gift that is suitable for all age groups
    • A Food Delivery Voucher, for example, is a simple e-voucher gift that is suitable for either gender and for all age groups. There is no worry that either will not be able to use the gift voucher. A simple and practical gift that is usable and appreciated.
  1. Easily distributed
    • With everyone’s personal information stored in the company’s database, it is very convenient to send these e-gifts without the need to gather everyone. There is also no need to prepare more gifts in excess for cases where there are faulty ones; because digital gifts can’t possibly go wrong. 😀


  1. Easily forgotten and lost
    • When it comes to digital gifts, it is very easy to lose it in the sea of data in your phone/computer. Just like how emails can be lost buried deep in the mailbox, e-gifts can be lost very quickly as well. Because of the lack of the physical item, it is also easily forgotten that we ever received such a gift. Over the years, physical gifts can be collected, whereas e-gifts are long forgotten and deleted.

  1. May not be cost-effective
    • E-Gifts or Gift Cards may not be as cost-effective as they usually have its’ value shown on it. For example, a $10 Electronics Gift Voucher- When its’ value is shown openly, it may give an impression that the value shown equals value of receiver. On a big scale for large corporations, this may not be a viable option for its’ possible cost overrun.
  1. Impact not as strong as compared to receiving a physical gift
    • Everyone loves to receive gifts; not the gift itself in particular, but the ACT of giving that touches people’s hearts. While E-Gifts are gifts that are also thought out carefully, the feeling of satisfaction when receiving an actual physical gift in comparison to a digital page is vastly different.
  1. Missing the meaning of Corporate Gifting
    • When giving corporate gifts, one of the most important factors is that; the receiver should know that it was given by [ABC Company]. Most often, Corporate Gifting is done with the purpose to promote a certain service or event. Distribution of something unique, most likely a customised gift, with an iconic design or logo that is representative of the Company/ Event. Giving e-gifts may mention the Giver Company, however, the impact is very different from, let’s say, receiving a power bank with an engraving of the company’s logo.

Digital Corporate Gifting can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. While Digital Gifts may prove to be very efficient, but it may not be as cost-effective. In this sense, we believe that in terms of gifts on a corporate level, a physical product is still the most impressionable and appreciated form of gift to be received.

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