4 Different Kinds of Leather Used to Create Personalized Leather Journal

Are you crazy about creating a personalized leather journal? Are you willing to buy a customized business journal for every employee?

Well, the thought is good but for this, you need to learn the variety of leather usually used for making a leather journal.

While in search of a good quality personalized leather journal you need to pay attention to the type of leather used by the manufacturer. Remember, the sellers are smart enough in providing low-quality leather at a good price. To avoid such risks, it is imperative to delve into the different kinds of leather options.

4 Generally Used Leather Material for Manufacturing Leather Journals

  1. Full-grain and Top-grain leather:

Full-grain and top-grain leather are the two richest real leather materials that are rarely used to manufacture leather journals. Quite obvious. Because of its high price, people think twice before making such a purchase. As a consequence, they are less in demand in comparison with synthetic leather materials.

However, their price gets justified with the quality they provide.

In relative to top grain leather, full-grain leather has higher quality. It is extremely durable, provided that it is maintained properly. Its strength and roughness are what they are known for.

On the other hand, the top grain leather is comparatively less durable than the former and are known for their perfection, finishing touch, and the incredible shine. However, they are mainly used to manufacture leather purses and wallets, instead of leather journals.

On a whole, both full-grain and top-grain leather feature 100% real leather material, ensuring the buyer about its sophisticated look.

  1. Genuine leather:

Genuine leather, as the name signifies, is the 100% real leather made from animal skin. Although the above two, full-grain and top-grain has equal significance, genuine leather material is considered to be the lowest quality real leather material compared to the other two. If not the full grain and top grain, you can definitely go for the genuine leather to serve your needs.

  1. PU leather:

PU leather is also called synthetic leather or artificial leather. They offer a pure leather-like look, creating confusion for the untalented buyer whether it is genuine or not.

PU leather is one of the best leather materials of the synthetic leather categories. If you want good quality leather but finding it hard to make a purchase of real leather, you can purchase PU leather at a cost-effective rate.

For your employees, a personalized leather journal made of PU leather can certainly be a great choice.

  1. Bonded leather:

Bonded leather is another leather byproduct that resembles the real leather. The material is not genuine but plays an important role in manufacturing leather journals at the lowest budget. Probably, the best leather material for the lowest budget-friendly people.

Bonded leather has thin layers of polyurethane or vinyl, blended with some kinds of adhesives and leather scrap. Due to such a mixture, the leather material is not so durable and loses its life after prolonged use.

The Bottom Line

Leather journals are available in huge options and all are based on the leather material used to manufacture them. And since now you are well-versed about the leather categories, you won’t find any difficulty in making your choice.

Find a reputed and most prominent leather products dealer and place your order. Hey, whether you go for a personalized leather journal or a leather handbag, make sure you won’t compromise with the quality for the sake of its price.