Microsoft Office 365 Premium: What You Need to Know?

Have you finally made your mind to move to the cloud with Office 365 Business? First of all, Congratulations, as you are all set to take your business to a new height with all premium features. However, right before you proceed with the complete 365 subscriptions, there are several things you should learn first-hand including-

What are you signing for with an Office 365 subscription?

With the Office 365 Business, you are all set to get the following things:

  • Key office applications- Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  • Personalized email addresses the use of your staff
  • Automatic space for storage on the cloud
  • An upgrade for the window 10
  • Automatic protection for window, Android, and iOS devices

As Office 365 business is the de facto standard of the industry moving ahead with the complete service can help you to obtain several benefits such as:

Less cost on window products

If you have already used Office 365 products in the past, then you may have noticed that the price of the services varies depending on the version you are using. While it may look like Office Home & Student 2013 with four office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) is more cost-efficient than Office 365 Subscription, but in reality, the office version costs only $7 per month and can be used by up to five people. So, in the long run, you can save plenty of money by associating Office 365 Business.

Unlimited storage

One of the key benefits you can enjoy with Office 365 Subscription from IT solution is you get to enjoy unlimited storage over the drive. Although Microsoft does offer 15GB of free space with an account it doesn’t take much to fill that storage. Hence, sooner or later you may need some extra space to store important documents over the drive.

Microsoft has recently updated the storage capacity of Office 365 Business users to 1TB per account to unlimited. If you are considering simply purchasing the space then, remember Microsoft offers storage as a standalone service for $7 monthly for 1TB. So, if you associate with Office 365 Business, you will be bound to get unlimited space instead of only 1TB per month.

Other benefits

Last but not least with the Office 365 Business, you can enjoy a range of other benefits that you either had to pay for. For starters, you will get the latest version available in the market, so you can experience and enjoy the most recent features rather than being stuck with the older version.

On the top, with the Office 365 Subscription, you will get complete access to all the features and functionality of office 365 plus 60 minutes of calling time on skype. Amazing, isn’t it? And these benefits are per user and as mentioned earlier with Office 365 business, five individuals can take advantage of all these features.

Moreover, if you are considering buying the Office 365 Subscription after reading all the benefits, then look no further than IT solutions– one-stop business solution provider for your business. For further details, visit the website today!