it good to read books to your baby?

Many new parents ask this question that baby reading is good or not?

I don’t know how this doubt comes into your mind, but reading books is always best for everyone.

Reading is the easiest way to increase the vocabulary of your baby. Always remember each word which you read increases the small baby’s mind.

You can also argue that we can talk more to increase vocabulary and mind.

But many parents are shy and if you notice then you note that most of the parents only give instructions to their baby on the name of talk, like – keep quiet, sit down, eat properly, e.t.c.

If you also come in the category of those parents then this article is the best place for you, and the simple answer to your question is yes! You have to read books for your small baby.

It is also true that a baby can’t understand all words but you have to explain each word to your baby.

More words baby can hear more words they can understand and imagine which develop their mind for future opportunities.

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When you can start reading for your baby?

Baby can hear and recognize your words and your voice from the last phase of pregnancy.

So, you have to start reading from the last phase of pregnancy, yes before the birth of a baby.

If you are not a frequent reader then you have to start reading from the starting phase of pregnancy, which gives you choice in books.

When you read some different types of books and then make some favorite book lists which you read in the last phase of pregnancy.

When the baby reaches 6 months.

When your baby reaches 6 months then your baby can understand and recognize some sounds, pictures, and color.

So, this is the time when you have to choose some big picture book with lots of colors in it and you have to read those books with your baby in loud voice.

When you show pictures and say their large font written names in a loud voice, the baby can understand and recognize them and this is one of the best exercises for your baby to increase their mental development.

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How to read books for the baby.

If you just sit in front of the baby and start reading in a loud voice then this is one of the worst things which you can do with your baby.

So, there are some steps or points which you must have to set in your mind before start reading time with your baby.

But before, the best reading time for your baby is when your baby reaches the end of 1 year.

The list of tips is given below.

  1. Remember, books are just a tool, your main work is to engage with your baby’s mind.
  2. Keep your baby close in your lap, look into their eyes, show them your love by kissing them or play with them, and then start showing books in your hand.
  3. Remember, the baby is not interested in stores given in books, they are also not interested in that book, the baby is only interested in you and your work.
  4. So, play with your baby and show them colors of books, pictures of books, smile and try to show your different expression with different photos of books.
  5. Repeat the words, and rhythm again and again, and increase your baby’s attention.