HP Printer Support Customer Service

If you have issues or a part of your printer is damaged accidently, don’t panic, just call us or inform us through message and our team will look forward into your condition.

Various tools at your service:

  • If you have issues regarding the drivers, you can always visit 123.hp.com/support for the downloading part.
  • Steps regarding you installation and unboxing will the clearly mentioned on the user manual you receive or you can simply surf through internet on our site and you’ll see the various steps regarding the same.
  • If your device is
  1. Hacked:

Inform Hp printer support customer service for the problems you faced before you found that your device was hacked. Be it a chat or online complains, be very specific about your issues and our team will look into the matter.

  1. Disabled:

Try to re-establish your connections or try to refresh your connected devices in your PC or whatever system your printer is connected to.

  • Try to scan your device through HP Doctor to resolvable an issue.

How will we help you?

The ultimately skilled team of our technicians and experts on the devices, HP is there to secure and handle your device with utmost help.

The team is up24/7 to help you diagnose your issues or search the issues regarding your complain.

  • HP care pack

Usually our printers are working just till the warranty ends. HP services provide you with the care pack as the ultimate protection for you device. You can simply extend your services of warranty with this at an affordable rate and prevent your printers from future malfunctions.

  • HP Smartfriend

Any device can be handled with ease by the HP team through software and the various application techniques to resolve your issues.

  • HP care pack-PC

Just like you’d extend your warranty of your printer, you can do the same to your HP device too! The prices are fixed at extremely affordable rates.

  • Protective software solution.

Data loss or data management can be taken care of through these services to prevent your data from virus or theft also.

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