How To Find The Best NVR System For Your CCTV Camera?

Installing a CCTV camera is not just enough to secure your surroundings. You have to build a proper surveillance system for this.

Every CCTV camera, whether it is DS-2CD2385G1 or any other model, requires an NVR to record the video and store them safely. NVR or the Network Video Recorder is the recording system that includes software for recording the videos of every camera it is monitoring.

The best thing about this NVR is, no matter how many cameras you have installed in a building, you only need one NVR to monitor them and record the videos accordingly.

Finding an NVR is no headache. But finding an appropriate system for the CCTVs is a bit troublesome. Not to worry. Delve into the few guidelines to learn how you can find the best NVR system from the market. These are basically the primary features that a modern NVR should have.

Guidelines to find the best NVR system

  1. Record and decode features: Along with the ability to record high-resolution videos of every camera, the NVR should also perform decoding of images in 4K resolution. The decoding should be done in high-quality so that it becomes easier for the viewer to detect the object.
  2. Highly advanced compression techniques: Every modern NVR possess a highly advanced compression technique. This technique compresses the high volume data, creating more space for the user to load more videos easily. As a consequence, the extra cost regarding the extra storage space and bandwidth is trimmed down, allowing the users to use this for more number of days.
  3. High-resolution recording ability: Not all NVRs offer an excellent recording of high-resolution videos. Before purchasing one, make sure the NVR performs well. Look for a high-performance NVR with high throughput. This enables the streaming of data, retaining the true video quality.
  4. Multiple channels: Plenty of NVRs are available in the market based on a different number of channels. This can be in multiple of 2 – 2, 4, 8, and 16. The more the channels, the more powerful is the NVR and its performance. Buy a multi-channel NVR and connect this to your CCTV model like DS-2CD2385G1.
  5. High RAID support: High-level RAID support is needed to prevent data loss or data breaching. NVR should possess the power to protect the data from unexpected vulnerabilities. It uses an extremely secured technique for prevention. With the support of RAID 5 and RAID 10, it empowers data redundancy. It ensures the system with different levels of authorization, preventing the assorted IP addresses to reach the data. This eventually helps in securing the data from the attackers or the vandals.


NVR is not only responsible for recording real-time videos and storing them into a hard disk but even has the potential to protect the videos from data breaching.

Would you like to have an NVR for your CCTV model DS-2CD2385G1? Delve into the ocean of technology and find the NVR that uses highly advanced techniques to record videos.