How Can Creating Introverted Friendly Events Will Improve Your ROI?

One of the most significant yet overlooked advantages of hosting events online is that they are a ‘go-to’ option for introverts. Introverts are always looking for situations where they do not have to interact with the world. However, being in the world and era of neck-to-neck competition, it is important to stay updated also, and moreover, it is the need of professionals also. Just because some people do not like socializing, it does not mean they can avoid all social gatherings just like that. But, online events were nothing less than a dream come true opportunity for them. 

Now, those who do not feel like socializing can avoid them, without having to boycott such gatherings completely. Since virtual events do not require the attendees to leave their comfort zones, they have become a preference of several people; Mostly, introverts. But, do the event organizers plan their events keeping the introverts in mind? While some do and some do not. But, if you are in the latter category, let us tell you something. Planning your event around introverts and keeping them in mind can help you expand your ROI exponentially. 

Well, nearly half of the attendees in a virtual event are introverts, and if this factor is considered, we are sure it will help you expand your ROI as well as brand reach. 

While you are planning your virtual event, we would recommend these factors you should always consider while planning your virtual event. 

  • Always focus on making your event an excellent opportunity for your attendees to engage with each other and the speakers, organizers, exhibitors, etc. 


  • Your extrovert attendees will feel comfortable with public or group engagement activities, mind that your introvert attendees will always prefer one-on-one features and activities. 


  • Since the online events enable the attendees to join the event while being in their comfort zones, they have become the first preference of the introverts. Introverts do not completely dislike the idea of networking and communication, but if given the opportunity, they will always prefer doing it over digital venues than real-life venues. 

Think of Tools to Encourage Introverts’ Participation: 

While planning your event, think about it from an introvert’s point of view, will they ever like being in the highlighted spot? No, right. But does that mean you should eliminate all the networking and audience engagement tools from your event? Definitely not. An event is nothing without the attendees’ participation and networking. So, what you can do is include those audience engagement tools. They will allow the attendees to engage and communicate with each other and the public, but without highlighting them. Focus on making the attendees feel comfortable and welcome on the online meeting solution. 


While thinking about your benefits, think about it from the perspective of the attendees also. We do not think that regular practices and tools will make the attendees feel involved. And they would not be able to express themselves completely. Moreover, it won’t add any value to their experience. Hence, focus on those features that will help the attendees express themselves. They will also be able to put across questions without having them appear before everyone. 

We feel tools like emoticon reactions, one-on-one chats, and live polls are of great use when it comes to the attendees and their comfort. These tools will help them avoid social fears and fear of being judged. Not only this, such tools help them be themselves and participate whenever they feel like it. 

In addition to this, You should make them feel empowered and valued. For that you should ask them about their reviews of the event. Ask them if they felt like anything was missing or anything they liked the most. This step won’t make them feel neglected. 

Introvert-Friendly Interactive Spaces:

While extroverts find it very easy to start conversations whenever they like, the same is not always the case with introverts. To make your event look like an introvert-friendly event, include the following strategies. 

  • While most people like to believe that introverts are antisocial people, it is not the truth. Contrary to this popular misconception, introverts are selectively social people who decide with whom they actually want to interact. In fact, they are social planners and like to plan everything in advance. To support this, you can include a searchable attendee list. It will help them search for those they want to interact with. 


  • Continuing with the previous point, introverted people will always choose their social circle keeping their interests in mind. There are several virtual meeting platforms that come with breakout rooms. You can create virtual breakout rooms based on the interests of the people. 


  • Not only this, but you can also leverage tools like AI Matchmaking. 

There are several studies that show that those who are able to make 10 connections in the first three hours of the conference will come back to it. Hence, you should always focus on leveraging tools and opportunities that will allow them to make long-lasting connections. Also, what better than allowing introverts to make connections? Since the proportion of introverts is always higher in an event. It will help you expand the ROI of your events. Helping introverts feel like a part of the community will reflect good brand ethos and values. Moreover, it will leave a good impression of your brand on others. 

As we said, virtual events are and will always be the first preference of introverts. And it is going to stay the same in upcoming years as well. Hence, planning events while focusing on the introverts will help you boost your ROI and brand awareness across the industry and market.