How Breakaway Lanyards with ID Holder Increases Safety of Card Wearers?

If you are confused with which type of lanyards to choose, you’ve ample of options in your concern. The selection of right size, color, shape, and attachment is pretty much confusing, isn’t it? Out of the lanyard with id holder options available, the breakaway release is widely preferred kind. These sorts are extra safety aspects, which will provide safeguards to individuals wearing it on the neck for official identity purposes.

Accidently, if lanyards get caught in a piece of equipment or wrapped around your neck, easy releases can separate it at any point to prevent injuries of id card wearers. A breakaway lanyard with id holder is an excellent choice for school going kids. In the case of school children needs to wear lanyards, the breakaway feature will prohibit from getting hurt when caught it with any piece of playground items or something else. In addition, employees might prefer breakaway lanyards for easy to use options.

These sorts of lanyards can be easily attached like choker unlike regular lanyards, which are pulled on over the head. In case employees needed to wear hardhats, breakaway lanyards are the perfect alternative to put on at comfort. That’s right!

These are environments where breakaway lanyards are most-preferred when individual needs to wear identity cards –

  • School & Educational Centers
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Prisons
  • Construction Sites
  • Hospital & Medical Centers
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Nursing Care Units

These sorts are available on all stock and custom-made along with extra safeguard aspects. These are easily separable at various points to ensure extreme safety and eliminate accidental risks.

Different Types of Lanyard with ID Holder Attachments 

In case you are choosing lanyard for your company, you can simply choose a wider range of attachments available in the market. These are intended to work with various styles of identity cards, which are most-common options –

  • Swivel Hook

This attachment is meant with a clip, which is easy to release and clutch your identity card, in case of any uneven circumstances. This swivel clip is most preferred in offices and commercial sectors, where employees want to appear professional.

  • Bulldog Clip

These clips are used to clutch plastic badge holders with horizontal slots. To attach your id cards, simply squeeze the bulldog clip, which will hold your badge completely straight. These sorts of attachments are ideal for school going kids.

  • Thin Plastic

This attachment with a plastic clip will clutch your id cards completely straight, which is used with horizontal slot badges. To use plastic clips, simply push it and insert your individual identity card.

  • Split Ring

This sort of attachment is similar to a key ring, which is perfect grasping various items of wearers. This split ring requires the stacking of various items simultaneously, including an access card, keys, and an identity card as well.

  • Trigger Hook

This sort of clip is also called “lobster claw”, which is similar to swivel clips. These clips are attached with small pieces to carry keys or other objects along with an identity cardholder.

  • Wide Plastic

This wide plastic clip will carry your identity card completely straight as it is attached with identity cardholders with horizontal slots. To use it comfortably, simply push on clips to insert your needs.

  • Lanyard Reel

These sorts of attachments consist of the square and round reels, which are attached with cords or wide along with clips that fix with the lanyard. A lanyard reel will keep your identity cards suitably close and stowed away when not in use.

  • Detachable Plastic Swivel Hook

This sort is a plastic clip, which is attached to lanyards. The clip is separable and allows identity cards to be hanged over the neck or removed from the lanyard. This detachable plastic swivel hook will hold your badge completely straight.

Therefore, endless options of lanyards are currently available in the market and you need to choose the right one considering your company’s needs. Let’s expect now you can choose the right sort, after reading the above-mentioned attachments available.