Fun, Unusual, Safe and Quirky Activities to Explore in Paris after Dark

Ever been out in Paris after dark and had felt something distinct that somewhere, something delightful is happening? Wildness and mesmerizing sites, fancy, magic and footloose things- Paris nightlife is full of surprising things that tantalize you and make you fall for the most elusive of creatures. Parisian nightlife is full of fabulous, fun, unusual and quirky activities to explore. If you want to avoid the hordes of people and get to experience unusual sites, then this post is for you. An explorer by heart can enjoy the city of lights and can realize that Paris is more beautiful than any land and you can participate in almost everything you want. Here is a list of some unusual and quirky activities for you to do in Paris, especially after sunset until dawn. 

Bars and night clubs for the enthusiasts: For something dynamic, get into a throbbing night club that enlivens your nerves. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy your drinks with friends or just be with yourself to feel the soul of the city. As Paris is a big university town, you can get along with a lot of students who are the active visitors and fun to be with them.

Pay visit to the dungeon, the Catacombs of Paris : An exceptional place to visit in Paris, this Catacombs is located under the ground and is scarier as hell. It gets more interesting if you pay a visit after sunset. It is the city Ossuary in which bones and dead-bodies from several Parisian cemeteries were collected and transferred at during the end of 18th century.

Explore the Sewers of Paris: The Sewers of Paris is the hugest and most contemporary design across the world. The design is considered as the labyrinth that might make you bewilder but trust me, you feel good about this place irrespective of darkness lurking all above this place.

Come and get scared at Manoir de Paris: The greatest horror destination, the Manoir de paris is located in the 10 district that has got loads of legends to make you frightened. 

Visit to a Show: At winter, some inside entertainment is more enjoyable and an exciting option to look for. Paris is full of inside entertainment, and so, visit the ballet, opera and a classical concert that satisfy you and enhance your tour. There are various live music entertainment zones and also sleep in a brothel that provides exquisite services from the pool, massage, sauna and other thrilling opportunities.

Culture by night: During the evening, some of the museums offer to open their doors for the tourists. They are Orsay museum that open till 9:45 on every Thursday, Louvre that closes at 22 pm, specifically on Wednesday and Friday and Centre Pompidou that close their entry at 9 pm. To visit museum at night provides a chilling experience, and considered as the interesting Paris night activities as to observe all the essential cultural facts, history and art are some of the amazing things after sunset is more of a quiet and beautiful experience.

Tourists mainly focus on the panoramic view of Paris and illuminated Eiffel Tower during their visit to Paris. If you are an enthusiast and looking for an off-beaten track, surely visit these places to go in Paris at night and enlighten yourself.