Everything You Need To Know About Recycled Cotton Fabric

Recycled Cotton Fabric

Cotton is a beautiful fabric that has many advantages to the fabric industry. However, the manufacturing process of cotton takes a toll on the environment. That’s why recycled cotton fabric is being preferred by the textile industries. The benefit of recycled cotton is that it is more sustainable than even virgin cotton.

In this article, we’ll discuss how industries make recycled cotton. And, also share its benefits. If you want to know how recycled cotton fabric is helping people to convert their wardrobe sustainable, continue reading!

What Is the Recycled Cotton Fabric?

The recycled woven cotton fabric is often made of cotton that would be wasted otherwise. It can be factory offcuts and cotton scraps collected from the textiles and garment industries. 

It means that sustainable manufacturers are recycling the ‘waste’ from textile industries. Plus, they are taking fewer resources to the circular economy.

Is It Sustainable?

Yes, it is sustainable. The recycled cotton fabric has very little environmental impact than traditional cotton yarn.

According to research, 1000kg of recycled cotton can help you save the land of around 0.5 hectares. Even CO2 emissions get decreased by 6600 kg. And, around 2783 cubic meters of irrigation water gets saved.

Another well-known benefit of using recycled fabric is that it’s biodegradable. It ensures that one doesn’t have to worry about its impact on the environment. So, if you are searching for sustainable fabric, recycled cotton is a great choice.

How To Prepare Cotton That’s Recycled?

Cotton recycling is not an easy procedure. Its options are mechanical, chemical, and thermal processing. But, developers have to figure out more ways to make its process more accessible.

After collecting cotton fabric waste, it’s sorted into textile colours and types. The sorting procedure is labour intensive, based on the entire recycling process. However, many cotton pieces may get blended with other fabrics during processing. It can affect the type of recycling procedure that’s used for making new yarn.

Once textile waste gets sorted, it’s further shredded into a pulp. From here, the raw material gets processed depending on its recycling technique before getting it spun into new fabric.

What Is Its Use?

There are so many uses of recycled woven cotton fabric from clothing and home textiles to cleaning cloths and paper. The higher quality cotton paper is more durable than wood pulp paper. So, it is usually used for making important documents and banknote papers.

Is Recycled Cotton Durable?

The recycled cotton is durable depending on its recycling method. The cotton fabric that undergoes various mechanical recycling procedures can lose its strength. So, it needs to be finely blended with polyester or virgin cotton. It will ensure the final fabric is high quality.

On the other hand, the chemically recycled cotton is more durable than virgin cotton.


Here are some major benefits of using recycled cotton:

  • Breathable, quick-drying, and durable
  • Lightweight, soft, and easy-to-wash
  • Biodegradable and recyclable with lower environmental impact compared to synthetic fabric
  • High absorbency, hence great for making cleaning clothes for industries

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