Enlarge Instagram Profile Pictures – this is how zooming works


You might have felt an urge to look into the profile of a stranger who just started following you claiming to be your old friend but you have no idea who is that person.

The problem is his Insta profile that is private so you can’t watch all those pictures but you can still have a good look at their profile pictures. However, Instagram only allows others to watch a circle-shaped profile pictures that is barely visible.

Here are a few simple ways to enlarge the profile pictures:

How to enlarge an Instagram profile picture on the desktop

There are two methods to enlarge the profile pictures on a desktop and they are very easy to use:

Method 1

  • Go to your default browser
  • Login using the Instagram app
  • Go to the profile pictures of the targeted profile and right-click to open it in the new tab
  • Go to the new tab to see the enlarged profile pictures

Method 2

  • Go to your default browser
  • Login to using the Instagram app
  • Copy the profile URL of the targeted profile
  • Open a new tab and paste the URL
  • Replace “150×150” with 1080×1080 and remove /vp/ from the link.
  • You will have a full-sized profile picture of high quality.

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Enlarge Instagram profile picture using a third-party app

Here are a few of the third-party applications that can be used to enlarge the profile pictures:


Instazoom de is one of the best website available for enlarging or downloading profile pictures. It can also download other related content from Instagram without any charges.

It is also very easy to understand and use. You just need to enter the username in the search bar and hit enter. The enlarged profile pictures will appear on your screen in no time.

Insta Profile

Insta Profile is yet another interesting application that can be used to enlarge the profile pictures of the targeted profile. You can install it from the App Store or Play store.

After installing launch the app on your smartphone and enter the username of your targeted profile in the search box. Choose your desired profile from the multiple results that show up on your screen and hit enter.

Qeek App

It is a premium application that requires cash to function although some of its basic features are free to use just like the two mentioned above.

The process of the free version is also pretty simple and basic where you just need to enter the username to get the full view, but, the best version of the profile pictures can be achieved after paying 3 dollars for the premium version. You will then be able to enlarge or download the profile pictures in any quality.

Advantages of third party applications

Using an online software is less time consuming but using third-party apps also saves time when you are out of connectivity or your internet connection is low:

Great quality: You can get a good quality enlarged profile picture by using the app instead of viewing it on Instagram which has the absolute worst quality of images.

Results in no time: The apps are less time-consuming and deliver results in no time. In just one click you are presented with your favourite profile pictures.

Privacy guaranteed: The biggest concern of anonymously viewing profile pictures is privacy. These apps provide full protection to your identity and you remain completely anonymous to the user.  You can even delete your search history just as a precautionary measure.

Free of cost: Nowadays it is extremely difficult to get something for free there is always a price to pay if not in money then it is something else. But, with apps like InstaZoom, you can get hassle-free output free.

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You are no more a sore loser who has to rely only on a circle-shaped profile picture instead of watching it in full form. Enlarging the profile picture has now become easy and convenient with the help of third-party apps that offer reliable solutions while keeping privacy intact.

You just don’t have to worry anymore about viewing or downloading profile pictures. Instead, you can recommend this article to your friends in need and ease their problems as well.

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