Corporate Gifts of Eco-Drinkware

Drinkware is the most common and useful gift that everyone can appreciate. Since staying hydrated is such an important part of daily life. Going green will increase the value of your corporate gifts even more.

Corporate companies are not only becoming more environmentally conscious but also searching for ways to save money. Going green also aids in the protection of their employees’ welfare. Going green entails using more environmentally friendly items that protect the health of both cleaning workers and employees by preventing toxic substances from entering the workplace.

Furthermore, plastics have been shown to be harmful to human health. Microplastics were discovered in the feces of eight people who took part in a pilot study to see how much plastic humans unwittingly consume, according to National Geographic.

The cumulative effect of ingesting plastic, according to King’s College in London, may be harmful over time. Different forms of plastic have different levels of toxicity. Others are manufactured of harmful chemicals like chlorine, while others absorb trace quantities of environmental chemicals like lead. The immune system can be harmed if these toxins accumulate over time.

Buying green is now fashionable, as the pandemic has prompted people to live more sustainably. Environmental safety and responsibility are strongly promoted in order to protect the environment. This is a perfect alternative to polluting plastic cups and drink bottles!

Check out our Boom Hot Eco Flask. Cradle to Cradle philosophy is represented by our Boom Hot. This double-wall and vacuum stainlesssteel flask are simple to recycle since no adhesive is used to hold the parts together, and all of the materials are easy to remove and recyclable. With a splash of colour, the flask has a twist closure double-walled cup. It is also leakproof. We’ve got you covered whether you’re camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, hanging out at the coffee shop, working from home, or just kicking around town!

For your favorite hot beverages, we too have a variety of insulated mugs. For your coffee or tea, you may consider the Best Aluminum Coffee Mug or the Urban Mug. Our ecofriendly Dia Mug deserves special attention. It’s sealable and small enough to fit under the coffee machine. And it’s very hygienic since the mug’s lining is stainless steel rather than plastic. The mug is designed to be easily disassembled for recycling.

There are a number of other useful styles to choose from further down the list. Some of them are more creatively designed. The following are a few noteworthy examples.

Collapsible Silicone Mug Collapse and expand in one simple motion, seal any liquid inside, convenient to keep in your hand without a handle, easy to clean, and made of foodgrade materials

Pill And Vitamin Water Bottle Fresh sleek style bottle with pill organiser. The new, practical way to keep your vitamins and medications organised and available

A5 Memo Water Bottle Reusable and made from BPAfree recycled plastic. Perfect for purses, book bags, and backpacks because it’s slim and sturdy. Longlasting and leakproof.

Hyta Carafe Hyta is your personal carafe that holds water to keep you hydrated. The handcrafted carafe is the perfect mix of design and ergonomics, making pouring a breeze. The coloured drinking glass often serves as a lid, keeping dust and dirt out of your drink. It’s suitable for use in the workplace or as a bedside solution because of this

You can take things a step further by explaining to staff that going green in the workplace is not only a good thing to do, but it also saves money. To sweeten the deal, you might institute a scheme in which the money saved by conserving office supplies is used to host office parties or lunches for everyone!

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We can all work together to make the planet a less plasticfilled place. Last but not least, stay safe and healthy!