Buyers’ Guide For Martial Arts Management Software

You are associated with a martial art dojo for your love for martial arts, not for the love of hefty paperwork and documentation. However, owning and a martial arts dojo come with all these responsibilities by default. You cannot escape the paperwork until you have a full-fledged digital solution for your business like OnMat – a Martial Arts Software developed by JIBASoft.

What is martial arts software?

Martial arts software helps streamline the clerical tasks associated with a dojo so that owners and teachers could easily focus on the rest of the essential tasks of skill management and teaching.

An aptly designed martial arts software helps manage the business operations and infuse digitization in a dojo. With the help of software, a dojo owner can automate and complete several tasks without getting involved in them physically.

The software helps with billing, student management, scheduling tasks, managing online payments, and belt tracking.

At present, many vendors are selling robustly designed software but not every software is made to fit all types of dojo irrespective of the discipline being taught there.

OnMat from JIBASoft is a compatible solution for all types of disciplines being taught in a martial arts school. For better understanding, you can visit the official website and get the trial version.

Common features of martial arts software

Some compatible features of martial arts software.

  • Billing and Online Payment Processing

With this software, dojo owners can send invoices and track payments made by students. This feature also includes automation of payment and timely reminders sent to students for timely payments.

  • Task Scheduling

Software like OnMat helps schedule group classes or private tuition according to the availability of teachers onboard. During the outset of COVID-19 pandemic, the software has adeptly helped manage the business through online classes. Business owners can schedule weekly, daily and monthly classes without fail.

  • Online Registration and Booking

Students who are willing to join your martial arts school can perform the registration online and get access to classes without physically coming to your school. This feature increases the outright reach of your martial arts school to other provinces as well as around the globe.

  • Member Management

OnMat from a Martial Arts Members Management Software from JIBASoft provides comprehensive solutions for both active and inactive members for complete scaling of your business. As the software keeps track of inactive members, they can be contacted and made active again. The software also allows individual profile checks for members to track their class enrollment, payment records, etc.

  • Belt and Progress Tracking

Running a successful martial arts school demands regular checking of students’ performance and progress. Therefore, in the feature, Martial Arts Software allows you to track individual student’s progress through class histories, performance during training, and competitions. You can also keep track of the belt each member of your school holds and the year (s)he earned it.

  • Online Class Management

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic brought in the need for a system that can online classes and pump digital education. Undoubtedly, OnMat is one such solution that fulfills the demands for all types of martial arts schools and dojos.

Here, you can schedule one-on-one classes, perform online class enrollment, organize skill assessments, and even provide study material online for better understanding. A single software is an apt solution for all needs of a martial arts school owner.

Some other credible features of OnMat are –

  • Accessible on iPad, Android, and iPhone devices
  • Gives 24/7 chat support, email support, phone support, and a forum to resolve dilemmas and share experiences
  • Provide feasibility of uploading webinars, documentation and create live sessions
  • Highly simple to use and does not require technical know-how to get acquainted with the functioning
  • Helps with member analytics so that you can scale your business and actively participate with individual member
  • Highly automated and requires very less physical involvement
  • Integration of easy payment modes for the satisfaction and ease of vital members

So dear martial arts studio owners, this year pledge to walk with innovation and get yourself a fully working module of Martial Arts Members Management Software from JIBASoft and enjoy the freedom of practicing your passion for sports rather than getting duped with lots of paperwork and clerical responsibilities.

Team JIBASoftawaits your input for a personalized demo of the software online.