Business ideas for teen

Small Business Ideas for Teens

If you’re a teenager, the time might be ripe to begin your journey, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably eager to get started. Let’s look at why you should become a teen entrepreneur, how to start a business as a teenager, and what the best small business ideas for teens are.

The benefits of becoming a teen entrepreneur

Teenagers find themselves at an age when they can begin to chart their path. You’re blessed with a good head on your shoulders, some money in the bank, and maybe even your own set of wheels. Most important of all, you have time. While your parents are still putting a roof over your head and food on the table, you have the freedom to experiment.

Even if you do choose to study or enter the larger workforce after school, your own business is a fantastic thing to put on your resume: it shows ambition, initiative, leadership, and self-sufficiency.

 small business ideas for teens

No matter your skills and interests, your money and resources, your age or experience, there’ll be small business ideas for teens. For a bit of inspiration, here are some of the most common business ideas for teens, and what they involve.

1. Academic tutor

An easy business idea for teens is to become academic tutors. Everyone has unique skills, so whether you’re good at math, science, writing, or reading, you have the skills to teach someone else who may be struggling in that subject. An academic tutor can also help with test prep for the SATs, ACTs, AP tests, or other standardized tests.

business ideas for teens

2. Car washing

Everyone loves to have their car looking shiny and new, but not everyone has the time to dedicate to washing it. A car washing business is simple to start, all you need is a bucket, soft sponge, window cleaner, and elbow grease for polishing. This can be a great weekend job for teens.

3. Child care

A tried and true business idea for teens is to operate child care or babysitting business. On the weekends or even during the week after school, you can help neighbors or family friends by caring for their young children. If you want to stand out from the competition, many communities offer.

4. Pet sitting or dog walker

For kids who love animals, there’s no better way to get time with animals and start a business than by pet sitting or dog walking. Both of these businesses also offer flexible hours and your clients will provide all the supplies you’ll need, from leashes to treats and more.

5. Lawn care business

If one of your teen’s chores is to mow the lawn, they already have the skills needed for this business. By marketing their services around the neighborhood, they may be able to drum up a lengthy client list, and an especially popular time for lawn care businesses is the summer when your teen will have lots of free time on their hands.

6. Housecleaning

Any kid who’s been helping out with chores around the house, they’re likely already familiar with all the skills they’d need to start a housecleaning business. Nearby homeowners would likely be happy to pay a teenager to help them dust, mop, and vacuum their homes.

7. Housesitting

During the summer and scheduled breaks from school, many families take this opportunity to travel. While they’re away, they need someone to stop by the house, take in the mail, water the plants, and perform other small daily tasks. Starting a housesitting business can be a great way for teens to earn some extra money while filling a need in their community.

8. Errand-running

For teens who drive, offering to run errands for neighbors or friends could be an easy way to start a business and make money. This business can be especially helpful to people who are home-bound or have limited mobility. Plus, this business idea doesn’t require any specialized skills and they can set their hours.

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