Best Quality Premium and Branded Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Welcome to Business Gifts Singapore: One of the best quality premium and branded corporate gifts in Singapore. We provide gifts for businesses and many other occasions, as well as designing and making trophies and awards for corporate events.

Our range of corporate gifts are designed to reward and appreciate clients and employees. Letting your potential clients know that their support is appreciated is not always easy. Giving a gift is a tangible way to show that you appreciate their businesses. Promotional corporate gifts branded with your logo or message not only shows your appreciation but it also acts a subtle way of reinforcing your brand and company vision.

We are also leather products and bags manufacturer. We have done projects for major banks for their GWP and customized more than 1000 unique gifts and door gifts for roadshows. You can always trust us to keep design and quality at the utmost level.

Corporate Gifts are the best form of advertising that your clients will thank you for therefore,it will always be a good idea to partner with the right supplier!

Corporate gift in Singaporeis now an accepted part of the marketing strategy. People evaluate your product or service based on a number of criteria such as cost, quality and service, being the three main reasons people will cite. However, the most important factor in many sales is the relationship between client and company representative. If a client likes and trusts you personally, your product quality, cost and service will relatively be less important factors.

Whilst we do not offer training courses for your staff to be better sales people we offer corporate gifts that will strengthen these important relationships. A gift is a tangible way to show a client their business is appreciated by you and your company.

For over 48 years, Business Gifts has been providing small to large businesses with the best value-for-money promotional merchandise the industry has to offer. With our experience and expertise as a leading corporate gift company, we can help you create a cost-efficient yet effective marketing campaign which will set you apart from your competitors.

We are deeply committed to providing the most professional customer service, offering the fastest response time as well as the largest selection of customised promotional products.

You can trust us to help you find the right promotional strategy which will improve your brand visibility and boost brand recognition. We understand and realize the brevity of being truly unique and with our promotional items; you can get to re-invent your brand each time, always with successful and profitableresults.

We also value attention to details, just like you do, and we work hard to make sure every aspect of your promotional plans are executed to perfection. From selecting the ideal size to choosing brand colours and logo positioning, you can depend on us to lend our knowledge and skills to make sure you get your message across, LOUD and CLEAR.

We have professional sales and procurement team,where we work extremely closely with each other in order to achieve our high standard of customer service.  We are perfectionists and extremely knowledgeable with many years of experience in the corporate giftsindustry. To us, nothing is too much trouble and we aim to exceed our customers’ expectations in every case possible. We have a streamline process to ensure that everything is smooth, transparent and reliable. From the moment you place an order right till the gift is made and delivered, we ensure you that no one else comes close. Well it all sounds like good news right? Let’s make it even better!

Kick start your way to a revolutionary experience of ordering corporate gifts with us!