Best Google Search Tricks

Being the biggest search engine in the world, Google is the gateway towards knowledge if used right but it is more powerful than many even realise. The usual searches are of course valuable and in this age – a lifesaver. However, it does not even come close to the wonders the Google Search can do.

Every so often, one’s basic search may not bring adequate results and therefore we key in different keywords for desired results through trial and error. However, it must be kept in mind that in one’s quest for suitable results, one should be cautious as Google also tracks user behaviour. That being said, there are many handy Google tricks one can use to narrow down the results even more.

How to get more relevant links on Google Search results page?
Google comes up with thousands of links for any search at a given time if rare exceptions are not taken into account. However, as good as it looks on paper, the results thrown by Google often means that we are given the most relevant links on the first few pages only. So, one is forced to search again and look through the links on the rest of the pages. So, what to do make sure that the relevant information is shown on the first page itself and saving the trouble to check individual pages?

Click on Settings under the right-hand side of the search bar on the results page you get. This will take you to a page where the user can select the number of results thrown by the search engine giant and the user can move the slider in the desired direction. However, it has to be noted that more results users choose per page, the slower Google will run.

How to get more refined results on Google?

Occasionally, the Google algorithm does not understand the search terms the user is typing in the bar. As often is the case, it has a tendency to depend on context. However, if you strictly want relevant search results, then activating Verbatim searches would be the best option.

This ensures that all search results include their search terms precisely as they appear. In order to activate Verbatim searches, go to Tools on the results page, then check All results and select the Verbatim option. Apart from that, one can also enter search terms in quotation marks which will also thrown results along the same lines.

How to search for news, books and movies for better results?

While most users can figure out how to find the images and videos they are looking for using tabs at the top, many ignore the fact that the search engine has specially curated topics for books and news as well.

You will find Books tab under the search bar and if you don’t see Books, click the menu item which says more to search among books and news – this is quite similar to users search images on Google. This move also stops users from seeing results that are not relevant.

When it comes to movies, Google has also overhauled its search results. These days one no longer has to specifically search one aspect of a movie. Google now throws the results with the cast information, links to Wikipedia, and even ticket booking windows if a movie you are searching for is still in theaters.

How to plan your route on Google Maps from the Google search bar?

While these days most netizens are familiar with Google Maps, not many know that one can get Google directions without opening Maps. Just type “directions to [destination] from [location]” on the search bar which will throw the search engine results and you can move from there.

One can also switch between car, walking directions and public transportation and plan their routes.

How to translate Instantly in Google search bar?

Google’s algorithm now knows multiple languages and it is evolving every day. One can convert text from one language to another by simply copy-pasting on one column with results translated copy appearing in the next column.

However, one can now do that on Google search engine itself without having to specifically open Google translate. Just type Translate [phrase] into [language of choice] in the search bar and the translated results appear in the first go.

How to delete Google search history to improve results?

If you don’t get relevant search results, chances are your user behavior is behind it. So, the best option would be to remove the older results from the searches you have made in the past.

In order to do that, visit Google’s Delete activity page. Follow instructions on the page and choose the Try it link and from there you will be able to check for specific topics and remove them by clicking the three-dot menu. This will ensure, users will get cleaner and relevant search results when you browse on Google.

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