Android OS Tablet or Used MacBook Pro – Which one to Choose for Daily use?

In this technological era, where the market is packed with new mobiles and tablets it is difficult to choose the best tablet over another one. Same with laptops or portable PCs.
Starting from Windows, followed by Apple MacBook and Google Chromebooks, plenty of devices integrated with assorted features are made available.

It’s great to have so many options but at some point, in time, plenty of options become the reason for confusion. Admit it or not?

We have seen people hovering from one brand to another, comparing the features and price tag before making their purchase. It’s so obvious! You must explore two or three products at least before voting for one.

Here in this blog, we have upheld two such devices that are now in buzz – Android OS 10” tablets and second-hand MacBook Pro Retina.

Which one do you think will be better for your daily use?
Well, don’t get so confused. Reading the following blog, you will indeed come to a conclusion. So, let’s get started.

MacBook Pro Retina Display Laptops

  1. Battery Life: Macbook comes with extraordinary battery life than other laptops. You can run a Macbook for over 10 hours without inserting the charging plug. Whether you want to play iTunes movie or games, it won’t create any difficulty. However, if you keep the Macbook as it is for a month, it won’t even ask you to plug in the charger. The battery will remain intact for 30 days.
    Not just that, even the device comes with high durability feature, giving a sure shot reason to buy used Macbook Pro Retina display laptops. We guess the battery will still be appreciable along with its industrial design.
  2. Body Design and Display: Macbook Pros looks simply amazing. You will hardly find anyone who is refusing to buy Macbook Pro because of its enticing look. They are sleek, easy to carry and comes with retina display. This is LED Backlit display accompanied with IPS technology. What else do you need to exclaim “wow”?
    The display comes with assorted resolutions like
    And all of them support plenty of colors from the color palette. The True Tone technology with 500 nits brightness makes the Macbook even more beautiful.
  3. Operating System: Macbook Pro supports macOS as the operating system. This is integrated with plenty of special features, making the overall device more powerful. Even though MacBook can only be used by professionals, buyers love to buy this because of its trendy features.
    Have you come across of macOS Mojave? It brings new features to amaze the audience. The dark mode during the night session, automated organizing files, better screenshots handling methods, and multiple in-built apps have driven the attention of most of the buyers.
  4. Pricing: Although Macbook Pro is loaded with so many advantages, we find only a few people purchasing them. Why? It is because of the price tag. The price range of Macbook Pro starts at $900. That’s really a huge amount. However, you may think of it if you are ready to buy the second-hand piece.

    Android Tablets

    Battery Life: The newly launched Android Pie Tablets are designed with excessive battery life. Its adaptive battery feature allows the users to extend the battery life for a few more hours. Such a feature will limit your battery use for the apps that you are not using frequently.

    Additionally, the adaptive brightness feature is added to adjust your brightness level as needed. For example, if it’s daylight, it will automatically go high. Whereas, for night mode, the brightness level will decrease.

  5. Body Structure: Tablets no doubt, are easy to carry and easy to use. You can keep it with yourself and use it whenever needed. The size of these tablets is neither too big like laptops, nor too small like mobile phones. They have an intermediate size, giving you the preference to use the tablet seamlessly.
    You may go for Android OS 10” tablets for your daily use. It will be perfect.
  6. Operating System: Just like Windows, Android also keeps on changing their operating system adding something new to their featured list. Last year it was Android Oreo 8.1.0 which was really appreciated by the users.
    However, with the introduction of Android Pie, users are switching over to this operating system. No doubt, Android Pie has gifted a lot of easy to access features, gaining more appreciation by the users.
  7. Price Tag: In comparison to Macbook Pro, Android tablets are less expensive. The price range goes around $200- $400. You may call them pocket-friendly. Yes, indeed they are.

So, as you can see, there are some distinct features that make used Macbook Pro Retina display laptops different from the Android tablets. Probably, both of them are perfect in their respective grounds. But you just can’t buy both to ensure your needs. You have to be happy with the one that you have and meet your desires with the one that you are likely to purchase.

So, think twice before you set off to buy a portable device for your daily use.