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Causes of Attention Deficit Disorder in Children

– Children, over time, can become even too active, they don’t care what to do. They start to do only what they want to do. They don’t listen when they are told. They are too busy to say no. They can’t stop in time. They have to do everything very quickly so they don’t forget anything or miss anything. They are constantly looking for more and more opportunities. – Parents must constantly monitor their time, the time they play, you need to let them rest. – To develop children’s good attention and attention to others, you need to use games and exercises that increase activity, as well as exercises to improve memory. It is also important to be able to recognize the child’s weaknesses and use this as help. – The right words should be used. Remember, good children are not silent. – You need to give clear instructions. You can’t ask too much and be demanding. – If children have speech defects, parents need to use different types of rewards and opportunities to improve their speech. – It is necessary to control the time children spend in front of the television. – Usually parents think that children should certainly have some knowledge, but they need to know that the knowledge they learn is a product of their own actions. – This knowledge must be concrete. Imagine, for example, that a child has read a word suggested to him. If it is something unimportant and does not cause much interest, it is better not to make him read the word again and again. – The development of a child’s attention is very important. What is the reason for its development? – For a long time it has been accepted that learning and training are to blame. If a child performs certain functions, he will be trained accordingly. If there is an attention deficit, however, it can be assumed that he is not training properly. Children never have any leisure time. – Very often parents say, “Look at your child, he doesn’t have any time. He does everything too fast.” – If a child doesn’t sit for a long time without eating, he gets nervous. If a child is overcome by laziness, parents should help him fight this problem. – Caressing, encouraging and reading books to develop a young child’s attention span is the best way to help him. – Every child should have one or two items that they can use only when they are fully prepared. – A child should have two bicycles, which can be used either one or two at a time. – One or two binoculars would also come in handy.