Advantages and Challenges of Reusing Shipping Containers

After expiration of the shipping containers, reusing and rebuilding for other purposes has presently become a global architectural trend. Maybe you are aware of this fact, and have also seen how stylish it can be if renovated and redesigned to serve a definite impression, like home, office, storage space and so on. This practice of rebuilding Container in KL to a completely developed building version is termed as “container architecture or cargotecture.” The engineers are strategically crafting used shipping containers to rebuild new projects like hotels, houses, storage units, stores, food trucks, restaurants, green houses, libraries, school, cafe, and even art studios. Basically, a shipping container can be turned into anything, if you are subtle with the project requirement. The primary thing is to modify them, researching the desired layout, and putting and installing them together like legos. Now you know how and why container modification is the worldwide trend, But what are the advantages and challenges associated with it if it reused and rebuild from an old shipping container? Let’s explore!


Time and cost effectiveness: Certainly, the most important advantage of reusing a shipping container by the shipping container home builders is that they are adequate and skilled to transform the entire container into a designed posh abode. If you don’t believe this, try to visit some of the container homes across Malaysia. They are not only affordable but takes little time to modulate. The engineers are quite adept to build your dream container home as per the specifications. All you need to find the location to establish the entire project. Very affordable and incredibly fast to build: these two things are the best pros of availing a container home.

Eco-friendly: As rebuilding reused shipping container can prevent the practice of a traditional form of construction, the impact is very less and reduce harmful emissions. The application of bricks and cement for the building is no more a necessity for constructing your home and so, there is no source of CO2 formation from cement production. A great way to protect the environment and also the use of steel is limited. As per the estimation, the entire process to reuse a container for building any project can save 3500 kilograms approx of steel.

Strong Structural integrity: Instead of building a house with the cement and bricks, or renting a place to live, or investing huge sums of money in land, just think about shipping containers. Surely, it can be bought or developed for a much affordable price, but with assured durability. Moreover, it can easily be moved, wherever needed. A more sustainable solution that is designed to resist flood calamity, rough wind and unpredictable weather conditions

Associated Challenges

Rust and corrosion: As containers are made up of steel and other alloy materials, they are not corrosion or rust-proof. Hence, the entire project needs constant care and attention, as the reaction among the steel, water, air and oxygen generate corrosion or rust on the container project. The varied climate conditions may speed up this corrosion process.

Managing insulation: It is very tough to maintain comfortable temperature set-up. For housing unit, it is tough to manage insulation process, as the container can easily absorb both cold and heat, so the interior of the container gets extremely cold during the cold season and too high in summer months.

Inspection of the entire material for sustainable living: As the shipping containers are old and practised for many services, check the shipping containers’ entire aesthetics as to meet the global import and export guidelines, they are exposed to multiple insecticides. Check this before refurbishing the container for availing of the housing project.

As there are amazing advantages that not only denotes affordable solution but also solved conventional housing situation, there are challenges that must be observed while building Container in KL, and so explore all the possibilities while furnishing shipping container home.