A detailed guide about iPad buyback program

Trading in your old iPad, iPhone, or Mac has become a trend among the gadget freaks. Since people get some extra cash in exchange for this, more and more people are nowadays capitalizing on this program. The iPad buyback program is a similar type of buyback program where you sell your used iPad for some cash. Your decision of selling your device includes the very crucial decision of where to sell it? Your cashback and the gift card for a specific company depends a lot on where you sell it.

While a lot of people might recommend a lot of places and individuals for trading in your device but still you should remember that there is no best service or site for you to trade in your device. There are a plethora of options out there and the prices vary based on the promotions and the device that might be running.

When you have an old device and you want to get rid of it you are faced with three options:

  • Selling it to a person through a service like Craigslist
  • Trading it through an organization like Apple or a reputed service like Gazelle.
  • Selling it to a person online through a service like eBay.

It is always convenient to use a trade-in service that sells to a person directly or online but the convenience does have a charge. Although you might get more money from a direct sale compared to that by a trade-in service. Still, there are some tricks and tips that you will need to know before you consider a trade-in.

The condition of the device plays a huge role in the amount of money you are likely to get back from an iPad, iPhone, or even Mac. a number of trades in sites have offered tiered payback to its customers depending upon the condition. The tiered system consists of Good, fair, and poor.

A functional iPad that is in good condition with no damage or scratches is going to fetch a good amount of money. There are some sites that will still not consider a few wear and tear issues while there are some which are very serious and might deduct cash in case the device is not in perfect shape. Before considering your product for the resale purpose most of the trade-in sites will ask you some very crucial and specific questions about the condition of your device and make sure that it is fully in control and functions appropriately.

Display issues and cracks are bound to lower the rate that your iPad can fetch and some trade-in sites can even refuse to take the broken device in the first place.

Buybacks are indeed a great process to recycle your used-up products. Such programs give you an opportunity to act responsibly towards your environment.  But before you indulge yourself in one such program make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations of the program.