8 Factors that Show a Nursery School in Pune is Good

Children learn accountability for their actions in pre-school. The school becomes a place of their own without any family member accompanying them through their tasks. They develop proactive habits, learn the basic rules of discipline, and how to master concentration.

While you may think that children in nursery school spend most of their time playing or taking naps, it is not. Children in high-quality preschool and kindergarten learn some of the vital life skills in a short duration. So, looking for the right nursery school in Pune is not enough. The school needs to fit perfectly with your and your child’s requirements. But how do you know which nursery school is the best fit?

The first thing you need to do is to build requirement criteria. It would be best to have a precise idea of what works best for your family and your child. What kind of environment does your child enjoy working in? Does your child need special attention? When you are armed with exact answers to such questions, you can list out schools that meet your requirement. School websites and aggregators will give you plenty of information to make your list. When you’ve established an idea, look for the following:

  1. The Reputation: Begin by asking your trusted friends and family members for good nursery schools in the area. Hearing from people with experience is always an excellent place to begin. Some of the questions you can ask them are:
  • Is their child excited about going to school?
  • How does the school keep the parents involved in their children’s education?
  • Are the teachers experienced?
  • What is the teaching methodology adopted?
  • Is the programme purely academic, or is it play-based?
  • Are there languages, outdoor play spaces, nature education, art, music, science, library, etc.?

2. Proximity: One of the most important factors to consider is the distance from your home to school. Ideally, it would help if you lessened the child has to endure each day. Long journeys to school may harm the students’ physical and mental health, affecting their overall well-being. Even from the POV of safety, it is better to enrol your child in a school that is within close distance of your home. Long-distance travel may render your child prone to frequent headaches and exhaustion as well.

3. The Faculty: Your child needs passionate, caring, and qualified educators to be their first teachers. When you visit nursery schools on your list, mark if the teachers speak kindly and respectfully with the children. These teachers will do all they can to empower your child with success. Some of the things to look for in the faculty are:

  • Experience
  • Dedication
  • Enthusiasm
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Great communication skills
  • Warmth

4. The Programme: A high-quality pre-school will offer a programme that is based on active learning. Active learning is when the students learn from experience, activities, and discovery rather than merely learning from books. For example, schools offering Montessori education are high-quality schools.

5. Facilities: When visiting the school, take a keen look at the campus and its facilities. Your child should be healthy and safe, and the school’s campus should exemplify that. Look for safe and engaging facilities. If the school relies highly on technology, ensure that they are used judiciously. Look for schools which offer an outdoor experience to the children as well.

6. Core Values of the School: Try and figure out what their philosophy toward education is. Talk with the founders of the school to get to know what their approach toward teaching is. Do they believe only in achieving academic excellence or offering a wholesome education to children by giving them opportunities in arts and sports?

7. Infrastructure: Let us say you are looking for international schools in Pune? Do they have adequate sized playgrounds that cater to games and sports events? Are the classrooms inspiring, tidy, and well maintained and display any work done by the students? Is the overall school premises maintained well, and do they have clean bathrooms? These are some questions you need to examine regarding the infrastructure.

8. Academic performance: it is best if your child continues their primary and high-school education at the same school where they’ve spent their pre-school years. This offers them a sense of belonging and the children spend less time adapting to the new environment. So, when choosing a nursery school, don’t forget to look at their primary and high-school performance. Although extracurricular activities and on-ground learning are much needed for the child’s growth, their academic performance is just as important. Compare the school’s average exam scores at the district and state level. A good record of ranks is an indicator of the quality of coaching in subjects. Also, ask them about how their best students have performed in their higher education.

Such a school will ensure that the students are well-versed with optimum skills so that the transition to primary school is not overwhelming.