6 Primary Reasons Why Plex Server can Replace Your Netflix

Are you a regular user of Netflix?

It seems like you are having an intense love for media. Well, a majority of people having a zeal to watch different videos and listen to music, prefer to use Netflix. Nothing wrong in this.

But what’s the use of using Netflix when you are having a better alternative for your media server?

Plex media server, often known as PMS software, is an amazing application that has been introduced in the market in the year 2015. It is a back-end media server that not just allows the users to organize the media libraries but even excite them to stream the videos online.

That’s what Plex server is. It is a combination of a server and a media player that allows the users to create their own playlist.

It seems you are still not satisfied. No need to worry as here we have penned down the reasons why Plex media server can be a perfect replacement for Netflix. Find them below.

6 Reasons Why Plex is a Perfect Replacement for Netflix

  1. Include what you want: Do Netflix gives you the opportunity to watch what you want “automatically”? Definitely not. With Netflix, you won’t be able to notice the movie or video file that you have decided to watch a month ago. The playlist here keeps on changing and you have to search for your movie to access it.This what makes Plex so prominent. Plex allows users to create their own playlist by adding what they want to watch and what not. Creating your own library will help you to play the media file you want.
  2. Resume your video: No one like to drag and watch a video from where they have left the last day. The resume action is thus mandatory. Hence, just like Netflix, Plex media server even possess the style of resuming a video.If you love to witness the Netflix-like experience, then, of course, you can access Plex without paying any buck. It keeps track of what you have watched last day, whether it is a movie or an episode of a web series, you can resume from where you have left.
  3. Filled metadata access: Another most wonderful feature that this server offers are filling up of metadata for you. What’s that? If you are perfect with the file name of the video that you are going to watch then Plex server will recognize it easily and display the result relevant to your search. However, if you are using the paid version with a Plex pass you can even able to view the content of DVD artwork, posters, trailers, and movie.The best thing is that, if you find anything wrong in the content you can edit them and change them as per your wish. This makes things even more organized and sorted.
  4. Have your own video quality: Next comes the quality. Often, we find people speaking about the quality on Netflix. One of the most important reasons to pay on Netflix is its quality. But is such a high quality available only on Netflix?Stop wearing shoes that everybody wears and looks for something different. If you get an insight into Plex, you will discover that the media server has multiple options for video quality.

    Starting from original, 720Kbps, to 64Kbps, you are allowed to choose any option that you like. No matter whether you are streaming videos online or downloading offline, you can adjust them as per your wish. Adjusting the quality manually is an additional feature that contributes a lot to the improvement of user experience.

  5. Can be accessed from any platform: Like Netflix, even Plex gives you the flexibility to access it from anywhere. Be it the Windows, Mac, Linux, Web app, iOS, Android, smart TVs, and so on, Plex is friendly to all of them. You don’t need to do extra effort for streaming your media files.
  6. Videos, Music, and Photos all are welcome: Plex is not just for movies and web series, it even includes music and photos. Just like you do for your movie libraries, you can create your own music playlist and photo galleries.

Is Plex free or Paid?

Plex server is available in both free and premium categories. Free Plex Server includes Plex Web App whereas paid plex server includes Plex pass subscription. This is the primary difference between the two. Free plex server even supports News, Podcasts, and Web Shows.

Both of these categories of Plex server can be used on every mobile platform. Be it is your Android, iOS, or Windows, simply register into your Plex account and access the service.

The software thus allows you to stream your video files or music libraries to other devices with or without paying any bucks.

Isn’t that amazing?

So, guys, browse online and build your own playlist from now onwards.

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