5 Reasons Why You Need a Copywriter for Marketing Communications

Words are powerful. They can encourage, support, inspire…and destroy. If used wisely, they can concoct a mixture potent enough to bring the world to your feet.

If you think this statement is an exaggeration, think again. Communication, both written and verbal, is central to our very existence. The impact of words is especially apparent in the context of marketing. There’s a reason why compelling copy is at the heart of several award-winning ad campaigns. Let’s see what value a copywriter brings to marketing communication.

They Persuade

For starters, they’re a wiz with words. They know how to persuade and cajole. As you know, this is key when it comes to marketing. You can have a great visual, but if you don’t have a powerful Copywriting agency in Singapore to back it up, there are chances the ad will fall flat.

Call us extreme, but a copy can make or break an advertisement. Copywriters understand the psychology around what makes people buy, and words are all they need in their arsenal to seal the deal.

They Write to Your Target Audience

Copywriters have the uncanny ability to think and feel like the audience they address. This is not a quality to be taken for granted, as it is what differentiates between the mediocre and the great.

It goes without saying that when you hire a copywriter, you want someone who is not pigeonholed as a “fashion writer” or “tech writer.” A copywriter worth your time and money will ideally have a flair for writing for varied audiences.

This is especially helpful if you run an agency that boasts a diverse clientele. No matter what topic you dole out to your copywriter, they will write original pieces with a unique voice.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely to be biased about your product or service. In such instances, copywriters can provide the fresh perspective your product needs.

They Optimise Your Content

Pretty much all copywriters have knowledge of SEO. In addition to writing, they can make sure your content reaches your preferred audiences.

Keywords, images, structure, and impactful headlines all play a collective role in optimising content, and for copywriters, it’s a cakewalk.

They Spot Mistakes

Great copywriters also proofread articles to make sure there are no errors. We all know how much damage and embarrassment mistakes can cause. They reflect poorly on the business or writer in question and have customers question their credibility. Clients too have zero tolerance for typos.

They Save Time

Copywriters can generate content at the speed of light. While not literally, but you get the idea. Writing may sound like it’s simple enough to do, but things get serious when those pending articles pile up.

Great writers are also experts at time management; they have to be if they don’t want to miss a deadline. As orders for blog posts, web content, and company profiles roll in, a good turnaround time becomes pivotal to secure clients.


It’s hardly a mystery as to why copywriters are at the helm of marketing communication. A word of advice: if you find a copywriter with the qualities mentioned in this article, don’t let them go!