5 Leather Thanksgiving Presents for Corporate Employees

Thanksgiving is a global festival celebrated to offer warmth and gratitude to family and friends. For corporates as well Thanksgiving celebration is a must. It is the time when employers thank their employees for all the hard work these people put in for their respective company’s betterment.

Now, when it comes to selecting presents for Thanksgiving it should be something authentic and useful. Since you’re selecting gifts for employees, remember that these should not border around too casual.

This is why it is best to pick presents like leather accessories! Leather is timeless, classy, and possesses an old school charm. What’s more? The fashion industry even today accesses leather products like no other.

On that note, here are 5 kinds of leather accessories that double up as the best Thanksgiving presents for employees.

  1. Portfolios 

In the corporate world everyone beings their career with a portfolio or a resume. Without a solid resume, no one is inclined to hire an employee. Thus, for a Thanksgiving gift, it is ideal to gift your beloved employees’ a designer leather portfolio.

This designer portfolio, when decorated with precision, will make an employee’s resume look authentic and aesthetic. As a result, when he/she flaunts it to potential clients undoubtedly the person’s potential looks prominent.

Additionally, suppose an employee possesses an artistic side hobby like painting. Then he/she can use this portfolio to feature their talent and impress clients. This will aid them to develop a side income, which will pay well.

  1. Watch and Watch Holder

 You want to gift your assistant/accountant something authentic for Thanksgiving but, cannot decide on what? Well, why not gift him/her a unique signature watch along with a leather watch case. This watch case made of leather will effectively protect that signature watch from natural and mechanical damage.

However, to buy this watch case, you should pick one from thickness ranging from 1.5-1.3 mm. This size can effectively store watches up to 56mm in diameter. As a result, the authenticity and aesthetics of the watch are kept intact.

  1. Leather Backpacks 

When you absolutely cannot decide what to buy that is the time to pick a leather backpack. This leather backpack made from premium quality leather is sturdy, strong and can take up a beating. In short, you can use it as much as you like without this bag wearing out.

What’s more? These have many pockets and layers to store necessary corporate essentials like phones, tablets, journals, chargers, food and other accessories.

Additionally, the leather bags are classy and possess the exact amount of suave necessary for a professional environment. Thus, this is one item your employees can use both at work and play.

  1. Customized Journals 

In the corporate sector, one cannot own too many journals. From noting down pointers, study material, client information, types of clients and more, a journal is the best accessory.

Further, an employee can write about himself/herself, retrospect, create a budget, organize a to-do-list and more using a customized journal.

  1. Leather Scrapbook Album 

The fifth item on the list that makes an ideal Thanksgiving present is a leather scrapbook album. What’s more? You can gift this to employees belonging to managerial positions too. These employees stand at the top of the corporate hierarchy and hence, deserve special appreciation.

You can also customize this leather album by picking a corporate gift store that provides the option of logo imprinting. By stamping your company logo on the gift you are making the present more authentic along with indirectly promoting your brand.

So, why wait? Hurry and invest in these 5 leather products today and impress your employees with authentic corporate presents.