4 Tips for Making the Best Custom Design Challenge Coins

A lot of brainstorming sessions, decision-making and creative ideas are involved when it comes to the designing and making of customized challenge coins. If you think that randomly choosing the customization options and placing your order will do the job then you are certainly wrong.

For the making of best custom design challenge coins a handful of things are needed to be considered. With right input you can design and create premium custom challenge coins. Read more to find out the important things that are required to be considered.

1. Prioritizing the coin’s purpose and role

You cannot just randomly begin designing challenge coins, otherwise, the end results would be unflattering. That is why it is extremely important that you begin the process by considering and prioritizing the role and purpose of the challenge coin.

Think about who exactly you are designing these coins for and why these coins are significant. Are the coins being made for a person or for marking a special day or event? Will the coin be used to honor great deeds of some individual or to represent a specific group?

Keep your focus on the role and purpose of coins throughout the challenge coin designing process.

2. Prospect the concept of the coins

Now before you brief your idea to the manufacturers of the coin, we suggest you to prospect the concept of the coins to come up with a unique idea that perfectly embodies the role of these coins. You can begin by sketching out your ideas roughly and compiling them to compare and evaluate.

Think about the different elements that you would like to include in your coins to make them look superior. If you cannot come with a visionary idea then make sure to look up online for custom challenge coins to draw some inspiration from them.

Designing the best custom challenge coins isn’t as easy as just including a logo or a random imagery.

3. Think about the plating options as it matters a lot

The plating you choose for the making of your challenge coins influences the overall design and look of the coin. This is why we suggest that you consider the plating options carefully while designing for custom challenge coins.

The plating of the coins acts as the backdrop or base of the coin where all the other elements are added. You cannot pick a plating option randomly as it may mess up the entire design of the coin. You have to make sure the plating option you choose compliments well with other elements of the coin such as colors, artwork, text and more.

4. Talk to an expert before turning in your ideas

No matter how carefully you think about the designing of custom challenge coins, an expert’s opinion will help you out tremendously. That is why we recommend you to talk to an expert before you turn in your ideas to get the production started on your coins.

There are several coin manufacturing companies that offer recommendations and you can seek their advice for a better idea on your custom challenge coins.


So, what are you waiting for? You are just a few steps behind from creating the best custom design challenge coins. Simply consider the listed things enumerated above and you are good to go.

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